Help your child pass the 11-plus exam and gain entry into the school of your choice.

The 11plusify programme is an extension of your child’s learning experience that can be supported by you.


If you are concerned about your child’s future…

The 11plusify Home Tuition Programme has been developed by Doug Bray, a primary school maths teacher with 35 years experience and understanding of what is needed for your child to be successful at the 11-plus.

Devoted to your child’s success

I truly want to help your child pass the 11-plus exams. But that’s not all. I want to help your child develop the skills to go on passing exams—and any other tests for that matter—throughout their teenage years (at secondary school) and further still, well into their young adult life at both sixth form and university…

And I want to make sure that the 11-plus is NOT ONLY available to those who can afford it.


11plusify is a home tuition scheme developed to help children aged 7 to 11 succeed in the 11-plus exam all without the need for hiring the services of an expensive tutor.

Do these problems concern you?

  • You’re scared your child will struggle to pass the 11-plus exam
  • You’re not sure how your child should practise
  • You feel uneasy that your child might not learn as fast as others
  • You’re anxious about 11-plus techniques and concepts
  • You’re unsure of effective learning strategies
  • You’re worried your child won’t get into your school of choice
  • You can’t stomach the thought of 11-plus tutor costs

What 11plusify will do for you and your child

  • A step-by-step process to 11-plus exam success
  • Bring about a structured and systematic way of working
  • Provide an extension of your child’s learning experience
  • Enable you to become actively involved in your child’s learning and academic development
  • Gain a placement in a grammar school or any school of your choice
  • Universally affordable

The 11plusify Programme is designed for success

11plusify is a home tuition scheme developed to help children aged 7 to 11 succeed in the 11-plus exam.

Subjects covered are Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and English.

The programme is progressively delivered over three stages of teaching and learning, Progression is from basic (Bronze Stage), through intermediate (Silver Stage) and up to advanced (Gold Stage) – ages ranging from 7 to 11.

Coursework is delivered online in the form of downloadable and printable PDF hardcopy A4 sheets. There are more than 370 guides, practices, assessments, tests and answers, etc. along with with helpful hints and ideas, including…

  • How to provide the ideal working environment
  • How to make the work fun
  • How to reward and encourage
  • and much more

Coursework is delivered online in the form of downloadable and printable PDF hardcopy A4 sheets.


I set about creating a scheme that would equip children between the ages of 7 and 11 to perform at the very best of their ability through an attitude of a positive work ethic and a desire to improve their learning skills. I devised hardcopy workbooks in Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and English.

But I knew that the workbooks on their own were not the complete answer. All evidence and my own experience points to one major fact—children need support. And of all support, it is parental support along with their encouragement and involvement that is so crucial to a child’s success.

For this reason, I developed the scheme that meant parents could be involved in the whole process alongside their children.

I’m proud to say that there has been a great deal of success for families where they’ve used my workbooks. However, the success has been limited by the fact that the workbooks are hardback which means, up until now, they’ve only been accessible in the area where I teach. Also, being in hardback, they’ve been relatively expensive, firstly, to produce and, secondly, to buy. For all its qualities, the scheme’s lack of accessibility and cost were two frustrating problems. Not a level playing field.

That is, until now…


The 11plusify Home Tuition Programme

A step-by-step process to 11-plus exam success

Home tuition at a fraction of the cost

I’ve teamed up with a team of digital creatives who’ve developed an online version of the 11plusify Home Tuition Programme which can be downloaded and printed at home. It now means that virtually everyone, everywhere, at any time can have access to the programme at a fraction of the cost.


The 11plusify coursework

Why “pen and paper” and not digital/online?


Opting for the more traditional “pen and paper” version has been made for two main reasons:

  1. It is accepted that parental support, encouragement and involvement are crucial to a child’s success. In all walks of life. Especially education. Using booklets is far more effective in enabling you and your child to work together at your own pace in a suitable environment.
  2. A number of studies point to the fact that children are more likely to get distracted if they’re reading on screen because it takes so little effort to go somewhere else. It has been shown that children are far more prone to multitask if they’re reading something on screen rather than reading in hard copy.

Most recently, the report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development states:

Those students who use tablets and computers very often tend to do worse than those who use them moderately.

Students who use computers very frequently get worse results.

Results show “no appreciable improvements” in reading, mathematics or science in the countries that had invested heavily in information technology.


11plusify Home Tuition Programme

Bronze Stage, Silver Stage, Gold Stage: The specifics explained

Each of the three stages (Bronze, Silver, Gold) of the 11plusify Home Tuition Programme is a course of Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and English. Each stage of Bronze, Silver and Gold is split into four parts, with each part being delivered monthly over a period of four months.

The complete 11plusify Home Tuition Programme, starting with the Bronze Stage at course entry level, followed by Silver and, finally by Gold, is delivered over a period of 12 months.

In practice, whilst each stage is delivered over a 4 month period, children can expect to take 5 or 6 months to complete the stage.

The 11plusify Home Tuition Programme of Bronze, Silver and Gold is the most thorough and comprehensive course of Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and English tailored for children to succeed at their 11 Plus exams.


Recommended timetable

The 11-plus exam is normally held during September for Year 6 children. Doug recommends that the 11plusify programme be completed during the end of Year 5 Summer Holidays so that your child’s work ethic and momentum is carried into the 11-plus tests.

With supportive parental encouragement and involvement, most children can expect to complete the 11plusify Home Tuition Programme within 18 months. Therefore, it’s recommended that children start at entry level Bronze Stage either during the Christmas or Easter holidays in Year 4.


Programme outline

The Mathematics programme provides the necessary elements and standards required for your child to reach National Curriculum Levels 5 and 6.

The aim of the Mathematics programme is to give your child maximum practice in all the concepts that children need to learn, in order to perfect their skills, together with increased confidence which will improve their understanding and increase their speed of work.

The 11plusify schemes of work will assist in the teaching and learning of a Mathematics curriculum at Junior School level (Key Stage 2). Pupils are tested nationally in the Spring Term of Year 6. The tests in the 11plusify programme are an excellent way to prepare children for these national tests.

Verbal Reasoning (V.R.) is almost universally used as one of the test papers in 11-plus and entrance exams to KS3 (secondary school).

It is believed to be an effective way of testing a child’s potential, not just learning ability. 11plusify will help children reach their goals in Verbal Reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning tests are tools that are used in a variety of ways to test the aptitude levels of pupils and adults. The knowledge and skills that underpin verbal reasoning are integral to teaching and learning in many of the subjects taught in school.

To become proficient in V.R. children will need to become familiar with the techniques. Some children will have “the knack” in V.R. but if your child is not one of the fortunate ones, it is still possible to grasp the techniques with practice. Encouraging your child to do word games such as word searches and crosswords will help.

The Verbal Reasoning practice booklets have been written to give children a varied and wide practice in questions that they will face in Verbal Reasoning tests. VR will undoubtedly improve your child’s vocabulary. The work in Antonyms, Synonyms, Odd words out, Anagrams, Analogies, Homonyms and Homophones to name but a few, will be invaluable.

It is widely known that reading is the key to all learning, and linked to reading is the art of writing and using language accurately and appropriately.

11plusify will guide your child through the many “English disciplines” needed to achieve the level your child will need to enter their chosen Secondary School (KS3).

The 11plusify English programme includes work on:

  • Comprehension
  • Punctuation work
  • Grammar exercises
  • Hints for creative writing
  • Writing clearly and coherently
  • Using punctuation effectively
  • Understanding the relevance of alphabetical order and use accurately
  • Knowing parts of speech i.e. noun, verb, adjective, adverb, connectives and pronouns
  • Knowing spelling terms i.e. syllable, vowel, consonant, prefix and suffix.
  • reading fluently, accurately and with understanding
  • and much more

Join 11plusify to see your child flourish and succeed

Joining 11plusify couldn’t be simpler. Just choose what best suits your child and family. You may choose the complete 11plusify Home Tuition Programme or, depending on your child’s age and level, you can choose one of the three individual stages (Bronze, Silver or Gold).

See the course options

Alternatively, you can try 11plusify before fully committing.


11plusify Introductory Course

FREE for a limited time

For children and families who “can’t wait to get started” or who would like to try out 11plusify before fully committing to the programme itself, the 11plusify Introductory Course (normally £111) is available FREE for a limited period.

We were so relieved to find Doug. I can’t tell you how stressed we were before… But the programme has been brilliant for us as a family. And now our son’s doing so, so well at his new school. He loves it there.

Set your child on the path to success right now and help them pass their 11-plus exam. Start today by downloading the FREE 11plusify Introductory Course.

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